Cross-cross-cross-Canada tour is going great!

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We’re half way into the biggest tour of our 9 year career, and things are going great. We’ve crossed the country twice, and have two more runs to go…heading from the prairies to Ontario in the next week. Opening for Crash Karma has been really cool…genuine and nice guys, and musicians I grew up listening to in I Mother Earth, … Read More

Producer Royalties: How Should Your Producer Be Paid?

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For some reason, the last week has seen me drafting or negotiating a ton of agreements between Artist and Producer, outlining what percentage of record sales the former will pay the latter. And yes, records do sell sometimes, so this can be important. If your record “goes Adele” and sells 25 million worldwide, you’ll rue the day you coughed an extra percentage point to your producer without reading this first.

For more on whether a producer should receive a percentage of record sales and/or songwriting points (or neither), read my previous blog post on the topic. Once it is determined that they will receive a % of record sales (which is normally the case), the next question is: what amount does that percentage apply to?

My first custom drum skin!

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After 15+ years of playing music, it’s the little things like this that feel good. In the mail today….my first custom kick drum skin!! the design pays homage to my man Keith Moon’s classic kit from 1967-68, and is courtesy of my friends at Evans Skins and D’Addario Canada. pretty excited and grateful!

Alumni Article

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thanks for the nice article from the University of Saskatchewan…though still feel a bit undeserving of the attention. There are people out there curing diseases, changing lives, saving the environment, etc…I just hit drums and stuff.  

5 Things to Look For in a Management Deal

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The most important member of our team is your manager, and the most important agreement you as a musician will sign is an Artist Management Agreement. Managers have never played a more important role in the music industry than they do today, and your manager will likely have a greater impact on your career than any other person on your team (besides … Read More