Interview with Music Box Artist Consulting

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A big thank you to Bonnie McGrew and the great people at Vancouver’s Music Box Artist Consulting for choosing me for their Entertainment Law feature this week. Click here for the full interview, and check out the entire Music Box site for more.

Just got endorsed by Istanbul Cymbals!!

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I played drums for the first time in Grade 12, and was horrible. But the great thing about drums is, you can put on your favourite Bowie or Zeppelin record, and play along with your idols (or try to). So I did that in my room, for hours and hours, which turned into years and years, and gradually I became … Read More

Satellite Hotel our second top 5!

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Almost exactly 10 years after we formed in Saskatoon, we just landed the second top 5 single of our career!! Satellite Hotel cracked top 5, faster than any song we’ve released. Celebration time here in OBS land! thank you friends

Satellite Hotel video released!!

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Satellite Hotel became the second top 5 of our career last week, and the video just hit the Net!! We’re really proud of this one…shot it in one night, from 6pm-6am, with some new friends in Toronto. Directed by George Vale, it’s a new look for OBS. Crank it up and enjoy!!

New OBS album Black Buffalo released!!

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I’m full of pride and excitement today. Me and my three rock n roll brothers put our hearts and souls into this thing, and today, our 4th album Black Buffalo is officially released!! We recorded it with our brother-from-another Eric Ratz, at the Warehouse Studio and Fader Mountain Studio in Vancouver. We’ve never worked so hard on a record, and never … Read More

Satellite Hotel our third top 10 single!!

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Satellite Hotel just became the 3rd top 10 single of our career!! And it did it in record time for us…an new OBS personal best. Thank you to all our fans for requesting the hell out of it, and to the stations who have supported us out of the gate. This album is going to be a game changer.  

Fredericton just blew my mind!

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We just played to several thousand screaming fans in Fredericton, and my mind is blown. I didn’t know we had so many friends on the East Coast! What a feeling to be embraced like this, for our first show in Atlantic Canada. Many thanks to the entire FredRock crew for having us out, to Billy Talent for adding us to … Read More

OBS plays Riders half-time show to 34,000!!

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My head is still reeling, heart still pounding, body still on cloud 9. We just played to the biggest crowd of our career, 34,000 screaming Sask Roughrider fans!! It was honestly surreal, and went by way too fast. We played 2 songs, Retribution Blues and Satellite Hotel, and the crowd volume made my arm hairs stand up. Many thanks to … Read More

Satellite Hotel the first single from the new album!

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The first single from our new album Black Buffalo goes out across airwaves this week, and we are VERY excited to announce that it’s a song called Satellite Hotel!! I feel like this song covers new ground for us…the verses are dark and brooding, while the chorus feels like the most uplifting thing we’ve written as a band. Really proud … Read More