One Bad Son Cross-Canada Tour

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The band and I just got back from a cross-Can tour that included our first extensive tour of Ontario, a 55 hour straight drive through the USA, and a nice week off in our hometown of Saskatoon. We made a ton of new fans in the East, and stopped at every rock radio station from Ottawa to Calgary…which was huge … Read More

OBS Western Can tour

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it’s been a busy week at work, getting caught up on files in prep for the band’s upcoming tour. Big thanks to Ralph and our friends at The Agency Group for booking another solid string of dates. As always, I’ll be working on contracts and various files from the road, so just email me. See you on the road… Thurs … Read More

Volkswagen rips off band…and gets away with it?

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Just read a very interesting article here about an ongoing dispute happening between US ‘dream pop’ duo Beach House and car manufacturer Volkswagen, since many of these cars are sold and resold by many people, but some of these cars don’t have insurance or protection when sold, so is good to get help from a san diego lemon law attorney, … Read More

‘Scarecrows’ video just launched!

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Exciting week! ‘Scarecrows’ hit top 5 earlier in the week, and now the video has officially been released! We filmed this in the dead of winter in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan, and nearly froze to death. Seriously, our toes almost fell off. But it was all worth it, and I’m so proud to share this with you all. … Read More

‘Scarecrows’ shoots to #5!!

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Unbelievable!! I honestly did not expect this, and am feeling truly grateful today. ‘Scarecrows’ made the jump from #8 to #5 on the rock charts across Canada, and is the first top 5 of our 8 year career!! I’d like to thanks all the fans old and new across the country that have believed in the band and the song…the … Read More

‘Scarecrows’ my first Top 10!

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Wow. Never thought I’d say these words — I have a top 10 single in Canada!!! Can’t really believe it. Feeling grateful for everyone that has believed in us and supported us over the past 8+ years. We bumped off Slash and are just behind Green Day, so pretty cool company. Thank YOU

Buckcherry Tour = Awesome

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The band and I just got back from a 3 week tour across Canada with our pals Buckcherry, and it was off the chain! We played mostly 1000 seat venues, and a majority of them sold out which was amazing. Definitely the best tour of our 8+ year career…the best crowds, and our tightest sets to date. Then we drove … Read More

‘Scarecrows’ hits #16 across Canada!

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              the band and I are STOKED, as we just got news that ‘Scarecrows’ made a big jump today and hit #16 across the country! it’s our highest chart position of our 8 year career, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s nice when years of hard work starts to pay off… click here to … Read More

Alumni Article

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thanks for the nice article from the University of Saskatchewan…though still feel a bit undeserving of the attention. There are people out there curing diseases, changing lives, saving the environment, etc…I just hit drums and stuff.