‘Scarecrows’ shoots to #5!!

Scarecrows just made Canada’s Top 5 and we are ecstatic. 
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Unbelievable!! I honestly did not expect this, and am feeling truly grateful today. ‘Scarecrows’ made the jump from #8 to #5 on the rock charts across Canada, and is the first top 5 of our 8 year career!! I’d like to thanks all the fans old and new across the country that have believed in the band and the song…the ‘little song that could’ it’s now being called. Celebration time.

You can read about our interview in Canadian beats Here. Below is a snippet of that interview.

How did you choose the name One Bad Son?

AG: The band had already chosen that as a name when I joined. But from what I’m told, the story isn’t that interesting. It was just a name that someone thought of that sounded cool and seemed to fit the bill.

How did you guys meet and form the band?

AG: As mentioned before, I joined the band later, about 3 years after it had formed. Kurt and Shane both played in different bands previous to OBS. So they got together and they began jamming and invited Adam to join. Previous to my joining the band, they went through a few bass players. Kind of the classic story, I had an ad up in a music store in Saskatoon and they called me in to audition. I think they were a bit freaked out by the fact that I was only 17 at the time. But it all worked out!

What is your first musical memory?

AG: I was not really seriously involved in music until my high school years. I think I started playing bass at age 13 or 14. But I do remember, as a little kid, always enjoying any chance I got to sit at the piano at my grandparent’s house. I was never able to play anything, but I just liked hitting the keys and making noise.

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