Producer Royalties: How Should Your Producer Be Paid?

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For some reason, the last week has seen me drafting or negotiating a ton of agreements between Artist and Producer, outlining what percentage of record sales the former will pay the latter. And yes, records do sell sometimes, so this can be important. If your record “goes Adele” and sells 25 million worldwide, you’ll rue the day you coughed an extra percentage point to your producer without reading this first.

For more on whether a producer should receive a percentage of record sales and/or songwriting points (or neither), read my previous blog post on the topic. Once it is determined that they will receive a % of record sales (which is normally the case), the next question is: what amount does that percentage apply to?

New International Touring Tax Will Hurt Canadian Music Scene

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This week my inbox has been abuzz with emails from friends and industry contacts about the recent touring tax implemented by the federal government, and how the changes will impact the Canadian music scene. What Does the Touring Tax Mean? The touring tax requires that any venue with a primary business other than music (i.e food, liquor, etc.), which also books … Read More

Kurt Dahl Moves to Murphy and Company Law

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After three great years at D’Eith and Company Entertainment here in Vancouver, I’m very excited to announce my move to Murphy and Company Law as of September 1, 2013. Murphy and Company is one of the top law firms in Vancouver, with a focus on Entertainment and Business Law. I’ll be bringing my entertainment practice to the firm, and expanding … Read More

Volkswagen rips off band…and gets away with it?

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Just read a very interesting article here about an ongoing dispute happening between US ‘dream pop’ duo Beach House and car manufacturer Volkswagen. The bone of contention is that VW ‘ripped off’ Beach House’s song ‘Take Care’ in their most recent ad campaign for the VW Polo. Watch the VW Polo ad here: Listen to ‘Take Care’ here: … Read More